Adaptively iterative teager energy operator(aiteo) for multicomponent demodulation

Adaptively iterative Teager energy operator(AITEO) for multicomponent demodulation

Multicomponent AM-FM demodulation is an important tool in many engineering applications. To improve the demodulation accuracy of the commonly used methods, such as iterative Hilbert transform (IHT) and Hilbert-Huang transform (HHT), a new multicomponent AM-FM demodulation method is proposed in this paper. The proposed method achieves multicomponent demodulation by iteratively using energy separation algorithm and adaptive low-pass filtering. Using the frequency spectra of instantaneous amplitude and frequency obtained by the energy separation algorithm at each level, the used filters are adaptively designed. In addition, this proposed method uses symmetric extension to solve the boundary effect in the estimation of instantaneous amplitudes and frequencies. The demodulation process is automatic for an arbitrary signal. Simulation and application results show that the proposed method has high demodulation accuracy than IHT, HHT and other typical methods, and it can be effectively applied to extracting weak fault feature from mechanical vibration signals.

For the detail, please see: Yi Qin. Multicomponent AM–FM demodulation based on energy separation and adaptive filtering. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2013, 38(2): 440-459.

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